eTourism is one of the flagship products of NeGSt. It was created in response to Nigeria’s bid to exit her mono-product economy and diversify into other areas of economic activity.

NeGSt, a Consultant to the Federal Government of Nigeria on eImmigration is therefore collaborating with her sister company engaged in the hospitality industry to offer this unique platform made up of a collection of tour and allied service providers, operating locally and in the diaspora, for the purpose of providing best-in-class tourism services to their numerous clients across the globe, with a view to extending the frontiers of national development through economic diversification.

The underlisted innovative products have been introduced to make the travel experience into Nigeria stress-free, more robust and affordable to our numerous clients:


Tour Logistics Support (TLS)

We provide the TLS to our client across the globe to address their logistical challenges, employing highly qualified and experienced tour guards, comfortable chauffer-driven cars, buses, jeeps etc.  We also provide an all-inclusive package covering accommodation in top rated hotels of choice, personal security, entertainment, night life shows as well as visits to such pre-designated festivals such as the Osun Osogbo, Argungu Fishing, the Olokun as well as important historical sites like the Ikogosi Warm Springs, the Gurara Waterfalls, the Badagry Slave Museum, the Yankari Games Reserve, Sukru UNESCO World Monument site, Ekpo Masquerade, Ogbunike Cave Aguleri, Oloibiri Museum, Obudu Cattle Ranch Resort, etc. and such other personalized services on request.


ePassport Procurement Services (EPPS)

To make tourism travel experience into Nigeria a stress-free venture, we have introduced the EPPS to support the Nigeria tourism industry. In this regard, we:

·       Help applicants to better understand the ePassport procurement process

·       Help applicants to make correct statutory payments

·       Schedule appointment for ePassport biometric data capture

·       Secure personal interviews, where necessary

·       Secure prompt and safe release of applicants travel documents.

·       Help applicants to avoid touting by unscrupulous elements.


Biometric Visa Procurement Services (BVPS)

Our BVPS offers our clients a unique, fast, safe and stress-free opportunity to procure the Nigerian visas and undertake their tour to destination of their choice. Our BVPS consist of assisting our clients to:

·       Understand the nitty-gritty of the Nigerian biometric visa application process.

·       Provide enhanced administrative and logistic support to improve the visa approval experience.

·       Schedule convenient, stress-free enrolment appointment.

·       Schedule one-on-one interview sessions, where necessary.

·       Fast track the procurement process.

·       Cut-off the unscrupulous middlemen who take advantage of hapless tourists.


Visa on Arrival Procurement Service (VOAPS)

This service is available to such other professional tourists who desire to know more about Nigeria with a view to making a future investment. It is also available to those with limited time to process their in-country Visas as well as, those who reside in countries where the Nigerian Consular services is unavailable. We offer the VOAPS with a view to facilitating:

·       Understanding of the requirements for VOAPS.

·       The process of VOAPS application and statutory payments

·       Handling and approval processes

·       Help with visa verification process at border entry points.

·       Removal of the unscrupulous middleman.