NeGSt has been granted a license by National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) through her sister company, National eAuthentication Limited (NeA), to provide National Identification Verification Service (NIVS), a unique solution for providing electronic, online, real-time verification service for the purpose of authenticating and verifying the identity of a person enrolled in the National Identity Database (NIDB).

Several activities in the country in both the private and public sector require identity authentication and verification, in view of this NeGSt has set up a verification platform to provide a person identity verification service that can be conducted with ease and which enables individuals to effortlessly assert their identity and access relevant services. The system is designed to retrieve data such as last name, first name, middle name, signature, NIN and such other relevant details.

 The service has been packaged to suit various sectors of the economy as well as government agencies, private sector, diplomatic community and international agencies to authenticate and verify the identity of Nigerian citizens.

 Benefits of NIVS

        Supported under a secured channel that guarantees security and confidentiality.

       Reducing risk of eavesdropping as well as man-in-the-middle attacks facilitating secured verification transactions.

       Services are restricted to authorized users only.

       Provides various layers of security to protect the privacy of individuals.

       Detects and prevents impersonation by checking for multiple classification against individuals.

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