Over the years, Nigeria has featured prominently on the annual ratings of Transparency international as one of the most corrupt nations on earth. This phenomenon is attributable to lack of proper identification of the Nigerian person. This has created the need to develop a national identity verification service that describes the true identity of the Nigerian which enables the individual so described to assert their unique identity and obtain service at any given time.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has therefore issued a directive stating that all agencies involved in citizens biometric data collection and management for the procurement of international passport, driver’s license, bank verification, residence permit etc. must synchronize all data collected with that of the National Identity Management Commission to create a single data repository to be known as the National Identity Data Base (NIDB).

Pursuant to this noble objective, NeGSt has obtained a license from the NIMC to register and verify the National Identity Number (NIN) of Nigerians home and abroad with a view to meeting this national objective towards restoring confidence on the average Nigerian and enhancing the country’s image globally.