NeGSt-TAS Technologies Ltd focuses on promoting Transparency, Accountability & Sustainability (TAS) functions in government2government, government2business and government2citizen services. The underlisted forensic audit roles are carried out by subject matter experts in our outfit, namely:-

1.    Detection of the type of fraud (if any) being perpetrated in clientele organization such as:

i.               Assets Misappropriation namely:

a)    Misappropriation of cash.

b)   Creating fake invoices.

c)    Employee’s misuse of assets.

d)   Theft of inventory.

e)    Payment made to non-existing suppliers.

f)     Payment made to ghost workers.

ii.             Financial Statement Fraud – In case of window dressing of the financial statement.

iii.            Corruption – such as conflict of interest, bribery, extortion to mention but a few.

2.    Determination of the time the fraud occurred.

3.    Enlightening the client on how the fraud was concealed.

4.    Identification of perpetrator(s) of the fraud.

5.    Assisting the client to quantify the loss suffered as a result of the fraud.

6.    Assisting the client to gather relevant evidence that is admissible in the court of law for possible legal proceedings.

7.    Suggesting measures to prevent a re-occurrence.

8.    Institution of adequate internal control to prevent any other fraud.