Below are some of the Finance & Accounts products that we offer:


 1.    Cash Management Services and Reduction of Revenue Leakages:

NeGSt has developed an electronic solution for effective cash management system and to curtail revenue leakages in the MDAs, States and Local governments through the implementation of an efficient bank transaction monitoring. The solution will also help to strengthen the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) collection process.


2.    Statutory Audits and Assurance:

NeGSt has developed an eSolution to address the legally required audit dealing with the accuracy and completeness of a corporate entity’s financial statements and records. This service is in compliance with Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 1990 and Financial Regulations, circulars, 1999 Constitution etc. for both private and public sector institutions. The solution proffers professional advice on internal control systems including how best to strengthen structures and systems for efficient and effective performance.


3.    Value for Money Reviews:

The NeGSt Value for Money review (VFM) is to ensure that resources have been applied appropriately to achieve economy, efficiency and effectiveness. Value for Money review is a vital operational tool being promoted for the management of resources that are becoming scarce by the day.  NeGSt VFM will assist managers in both public and private sector organizations to significantly reduce wastes, strengthen operational efficiency, financial discipline and administrative competence. This tool has since become the norm in the public sector comprising the three-tiers of governance and is also suitable for application in the private sector for achievement of optimal result with less resources.



4.    Contract Compliance:

This digital solution for contract compliance focuses on the following: -

(i)             Verifying that the procurement and contract award processes have been followed as prescribed by the national procurement policies and regulations.

(ii)            Confirmation that the procurement and contracting processes are efficient, effective and economical.

(iii)          Review of the robustness of the systems and procedures put in place for procurement and contract planning, monitoring and execution.

(iv)          Monitoring and evaluation of the capacity of the project officers to handle procurement and contracting activities effectively.


5.     Management Advisory:

This solution provides advisory to businesses in the areas of corporate governance, process documentation, process improvement, policy formulation and project management services etc.


6.    Accountancy Services:

NeGSt accountancy solution provides a full range of accounting offerings for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs). It focuses on routinary administrative tasks like bookkeeping and accounting.


7.    Tax Consultancy:

This solution is an important aspect of the compliance service. It is designed to assist management with respect to their obligations to prepare and submit tax returns, claims and tax payment planning.


8.    Internal Audit Services:

This is a policy solution combined with procedural guidelines created by management to protect the integrity of assets and to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of operations. It provides the general non-CAMA 1990 reassurance on accounts as may be required by clients and enables internal control systems as well as secures the best methods to strengthen structures and systems for efficient and effective performance.