Document Digitization (EDMS)

NeGSt EDMS is designed to automate work processes, records and decision making by managing all types of documents regardless of format or source, in a central document pool (i.e. central location) for example forms filled by clients/staff, files and other electronic files including academic, health, official records and e-mails. In addition, it supports all forms of electronic signatures and ensures that all access is secure, controlled, and logged.

This system is of very vital importance to all institutions such as hospitals, universities, polytechnic, banks, embassies, professional bodies, marriage registries, MDAs as well as all kinds of organizations and companies across the globe.

NeGSt EDMS has amazing features amongst which are but not limited to: security, access level control, data level control, document capture, document organization in baskets, document display, document storage, document retrieval, indexing and editing. There are also provisions for document export, migration and administration.