Global Biofuels limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of NeGSt, recently took a giant stride in the development of biogas production in partnership with iBert (Pty) Ltd, a major green energy company of international repute with considerable expertise in the conversion of biomass into green energy applying the iRCB technology of Germany.

The RaCBio (Rapid Cellulose Bioreactor) biogas plant technology is designed to process high cellulosic materials like green plants, bagasse from sorghum, post-harvest rice wastes, Napier grass and other elephant grass, seaweeds, water hyacinth, and every type of marine seaweeds into biogas. It is therefore an agriculture waste to energy initiative.

The end product from each project site will consist of:

·       5MW off-grid electric power.

·       Domestic cooking gas.

·       Palletized animal feed with enriched protein content

·       Process water rich in nutrients to use as liquid fertilizer.

The pilot project is scheduled to commence from a thousand hectares of farmland each located at Ilemesho (Ekiti state) and Arigidi (Ondo state). Further expansion to other states of the federation generating over 300 employment per site is planned, thereby reducing youth unemployment, upending rural poverty as well as arresting rural-urban drift.