Payroll Management Service:

The NeGSt payroll management solution is aimed at taking the burden of the payroll function off the chest of clients to enable them focus on their core business activities.  The solution is also designed to ensure efficiency in payroll administration and combines such other statutory activities as PAYEE, income tax, pension, NHF, etc.  deductions in a manner that eliminates the risks of missing deadlines and suffering the attendant legal consequences, while also ensuring the confidentiality of personnel emolument information both within and outside the organization. This solution will reduce payroll fraud and also identify ghost workers.

Performance Measurement & Benchmarking:

The NeGSt electronic benchmarking solution provides a platform for continuous evaluation and monitoring of KPIs in both private and public sector organizations. It is designed to assist organizations to continuously evaluate their performance records through internal and external comparisons. NeGSt has created a systematic process and template to enhance the definition of terms, data acquisition, data management, data analysis and the generation of metrices in support of internal and external comparisons.  The overall focus is to establish whether or not a performance gap exists and to take steps to close the gap thereby enhancing overall process improvement. When applied to public sector projects, the solution will reduce project costs, delivery timelines and also strengthen performance analysis, review and effectiveness.