Our Services

Agency eService Enablement

Through this service we help Agencies with best global practice in their delivery of eServices. We provide Agencies with tools and methodologies on effective and efficient service delivery based on acceptable and best practice framework.

Change Management

We offer a structured method of managing the change that would arise from the transition to the “new order” and help in transforming the agencies into competitive entities without disrupting the natural flow. This service focuses on how to deal with the different kinds of change:

Shared Services

We help MDAs in the consolidation of their business operations so that such operations can be used seamlessly by multiple parts of the same Agency. We also such Agencies to become cost-efficient by centralizing their back-office operations that are used by multiple departments and thus eliminate redundancy.

eReadiness Capacity

We provide tool that allows Agencies evaluate and score themselves on several eReadiness indicators/indices. The results are displayed graphically showing the ratings of each agency on the eReadiness scale. We also use this platform to evaluate an Agency employees’ eReadiness using specific criteria.This service helps to identify the SWOTS and GAPs in Technology, Infrastructure, Government Processes, Systems, Institutional Framework, Policies etc.

FAIR Assessment

Our FAIR Assessment framework is used to analyse the needs and readiness levels of Agencies in terms of people, processes, systems and technologies. It shows in clear terms the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps etc and how Agencies can use these indicators to close existing gaps,cover identified weaknesses and maximise their strengths for greater opportunities and better service delivery.

eGovernment Solutions

With our array of solution/service providers with whom we have established sustainable partnerships and alliances over the years, we help Ministries, Departments and Agencies in building world-class eGovernment Platforms and Solutions that would facilitate the delivery of their mandates and fast-track their transformation for national competitiveness

eGov. Implementation Guideline

This service is designed to provide Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of government with a step-by-step approach for effective eGovernment implementation. Through this service, we provide practical guidelines for effective deployment of eGovernment.

Govt. Process Reengineering

Our Government Process Re-engineering (GPR) service is geared towards the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of Government processes in order to achieve dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance such as Cost, Quality, Service and Speed.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management goes beyond technology. Knowledge Management starts with the process of discovery, creation of knowledge, dissemination, transfer or transmission of such knowledge, as well as the utilization or application of such knowledge.

Citizen's Engagement Framework

Our Citizens’ Engagement Framework emphasizes the need for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to treat citizens and the public at large as “customers” whose needs and demands they must consistently meet. The only way these needs and demands can be met is if they are built into the process of service delivery.

eGov. Project Management

We have specialized knowledge in the conceptualization, development, delivery and management of eGovernment Programmes and Projects. We help Ministries, Departments and Agencies in setting up effective Programme Management Offices (PgMOs)/Project Management Offices (PMOs).