Transparency Accountability and Sustainability (TAS), a digital tool designed to address the issues of endemic corruption and inefficiency in the delivery of government services to change Nigeria’s sordid narratives permanently for the profit of all. It aims at the delivery of open government policy to enhance government accountability to its citizens, creation of core and support infrastructure that are web enabled to radically change the way government delivers services to her people. It is a self-sustaining citizen’s engagement platform with government services, policies and programs for Nigerian citizens.

TAS Vision

To make government services easily accessible to all citizens through a one-stop shop platform that ensures convenience, efficiency, reliability, transparency, and sustainability at an affordable cost.



To provide tools that monitor, measure, and evaluate government performance in citizen-centred offerings and such other programs that ensures the well-being of citizens.

eGovernment Systems Architecture


1.    Increased efficiency in public service expenditure delivery, strengthened fiscal responsibility and increased effectiveness in procurement processes over an all-in-one enterprise data driven solution package.


2.    Provision of a platform for shared monitoring and evaluation of government projects and programs with the capacity to absorb a huge chunk of the informal sector and include them into the mainstream governance process.


3.    To strengthen due process, by making every aspect of public governance transparent to the people by strengthening the already existing citizen’s engagement platforms and incorporates a reward system for a new value system and agency ranking for good governance both in the public and private sector.


4.    To generate big data that will provide basis for governance decision and citizens’ participation and to promote easy showcasing to citizens the status of all tiers and arms government in the form of what has been done, what is being done, what will be done at a glance.


5.    To provide interactive life changing programs that will seek to build capacity and empower our teeming youth such as eLearning and certifications.

Transparency: Showing unbiased, fair and honest information to eliminate inherent vulnerabilities within the system


Accountability: Rendering accurate accounts, giving proportionate rewards for good performance, sanctions for failure & support for responsible individuals and organizations who engage in innovative measures.


Sustainability: Sustaining a healthy balance and maintaining a steady rate and level of growth that ensures the well-being of the people within the national ecosystem.