ENDSARS PROTEST: NeGSt Appeals for Calm

ENDSARS PROTEST: NeGSt Appeals for Calm

  • Posted by N3g5tmanager
  • On October 30, 2020

National eGovernment Strategies Limited (NeGSt) the private sector-driven outfit mandated to implement electronic governance in Nigeria is appealing to the teeming youths of Nigeria to sheath the sword and allow peace to reign. According to the spokesperson of the company Miss Eseroghene Ovwie, the rot we all see today in Nigeria did not start with the present Administration. It has been there since independence but has now assumed an endemic proportion. This cannot be allowed to continue. It must be addressed holistically through peaceful means devoid of violence.

NeGSt, according to her, identifies fully with all legitimate demands of the Nigerian youths. They have spoken the minds of all Nigerians loud and clear. Going forward, it is clear that no government would dare take Nigerians for granted any longer. But please do not allow your anger to boil over and change the trajectory of the entirely patriotic messages you are trying to pass on. We stand with you whole heartedly but there is need to maintain decorum, civility and respect for the constituted authorities while pressing forward with your agitation for efficiency, transparency and accountability in government service delivery. Arson, and looting of private and public properties will worsen our situation.

As you may be aware, the promoters of NeGSt pioneered the entrance of Nigeria into the Space Science and Technology arena with the successful development and launch of the NigeriaSat-1  in September 2003. Subsequent development in the arena also ensured the launch of the Nigeria’s telecommunications satellites both of which have given Nigeria an “eye” and an “ear” in the orbit, the offshoot of which is electronic governance powered by digital technology. Same promoters are now poised to give Nigeria a ‘’voice’’ with a view to completing the third leg of the tripod.

Having achieved great success with her pilot project,  NeGSt is set to come out boldly to fulfill her mandate and help Nigeria address her issues of endemic corruption and inefficiency in the delivery of government services with the launch of Transparency Accountability and Sustainability project (TAS). Working with this generation of energetic, talented and young Nigerians, NeGSt is ready to replicate the template of the highly successful pilot project and do away with corruption and inefficiency in government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) and as well as the Nigerian Police Force. TAS implementation will also treble the size of the Nigerian economy and create employment opportunities pervasively across board. We must however work together in an orderly manner  to change Nigeria’s sordid narratives permanently for the profit of all.

Please note that reactionary forces abound in our clime. Indeed those who nurse morbid fear that their game plan to keep Nigeria in perpetual subjugation is up will go to any length to discredit, distract, and create confusion with a view to turning the hands of the clock backward. This must not be allowed to happen. The lawlessness, shootings, arson, and confusion must stop. Nigerians from all works of life are all invited to join the TAS platform.  Let  us join hands to create the Nigeria of our dream


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