Start Today National mandate for eGovernance Strategies A step-by-step approach for effective eGovernment
implementation with practical guidelines.
Join Us Public Private Partnership Business Model A unique implementation model that funds public sector projects and
managed with the highest degree of private sector professionalism.

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We assist MDAs to isolate and override inherent vulnerabilities that create wastage in Nigeria’s digital economy which ensures that the citizens of Nigeria receive value for their money.

National Mandate

To develop and implement eGovernment programmes and projects with the aim to promote transparency, efficient delivery of services with increasing Citizens-Government interaction.

Partnership That Works

PPP business model that ensures a proper blend of private sector expertise and resources and public sector data for effective and efficient Service Delivery with focus on sustainability.


Nigeria ePassport

The Nigerian ePassport

This is our flagship eGovernment deliverable. Ever since the official launch of this important travel document, it has provided security, reliability and significantly improve our revenue generation efforts



If you are processing your Visa outside of Nigeria, your payment will be in US Dollars. You will be re-directed to an approved payment platform to complete your application and make your payment in US Dollars

NIN Enrolment

Diaspora NIN Enrolment

Through our sister organization, we have partnered with NIMC to provide NIN enrolment for Nigerians in the diaspora. Visit https:/

Live in the UK, USA, UAE or China? Enrol for your NIN Here



A Diagnostic Survey of Where They Are, Where They Should Be and How They Plan to Get There

FAIR stands for Framework for Agency Interoperability Readiness”. It is a set of tools that enables us to evaluate the Needs and Readiness levels of MDAs using some specific parameters. It is the diagnosis of MDA’s peoples, systems and processes that will form the basis for effective and efficient capacity building for rapid transformation and global competitiveness.

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eReadiness Capacity

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Photostory: How Nigeria Moved Government Businesses from Analogue to Digital Tech

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