Cyber Security

Anything connected to the information superhighway, the world wide web (www) is a sure candidate for hacking. True as it is that the emergence of the internet made life easier and offered amazing opportunities for advancement, banking, business, innovation, wealth creation, knowledge acquisition, etc. with only a click of a button; it also comes along with wide-ranging challenges, chief of which is cyber-attack.

To paraphrase Wikipedia, cyber-attack is defined as an attempt by hackers or cyber criminals to disable, corrupt, slow down or damage a computer network or system by means of a malware, ransomware, phishing, extorsion by man-in-the-middle or by any other means conceivable.

Only recently, the entire petroleum white products distribution network as well as the meat packaging and electric power supply system in several States of the US were hacked, only for the man-in-the-middle, the evil extortionist, to start demanding a ransom. Rogue states and countries are also known to steal intellectual properties, sensitive security data, money and such other valuables from vulnerable outfits and governments.

In Nigeria, banks are known to lose billions of Naira on annual basis to cyber attacks which has also become prevalent in hospitals, government ministries, departments and agencies, colleges of higher education, professional associations, the entertainment industry etc, where private data stored in digital formats are leaked. Cyber attacks are also known to paralyse some telephony networks, making voice and data solutions inaccessible.

It is for these and such other safety and security concerns that made ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, while considering whether or not to approve the implementation of eGovernment in Nigeria to caution both the Operators (NeGSt) and the Regulators (NITDA) to treat matters of cyber security and data protection with the greatest priority attention. For this reason, NeGSt is presently collaborating with Messrs Microsoft and Frontend Technologies for the provision of bespoke cyber security solutions, equipment, infrastructure, hardware, software, awareness creation, trainings and for the conduct of regular cyber security and data protection checks for our clients within and outside Nigeria.