Government Process Reengineering

Our Government Process Re-engineering (GPR) service is geared towards the fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of Government processes in order to achieve dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance such as Cost, Quality, Service and Speed.

At NeGSt, we understand that all processes are simple & efficient when originally designed but they become complex & inefficient especially with:

•    the passage of time:
•    addition of other sub-processes to handle exceptions with changes in environment;
•    increase in customer expectations; and
•    increase in volumes etc.

We realize that GPR should not be about the automation of existing ineffective obsolete/processes or downsizing or doing less with less. With our GPR service, we help government agencies differentiate between “computerization” and “automation”.

Our GPR service is designed to help agencies work Smarter and Faster for Higher efficiency and Better results.


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