eReadiness Capacity Building

This service offers a practical approach for Ministries, Departments and Agencies to evaluate their level of eReadiness.

Our eReadiness Capacity Building (eRCB) has two major components: Needs Assessment and Readiness Assessment – which are designed for different but complementary results and outcomes.

We provide tool that allows Agencies evaluate and score themselves on several eReadiness indicators/indices. The results are displayed graphically showing the ratings of each agency on the eReadiness scale. We also use this platform to evaluate an Agency employees’ eReadiness using specific criteria.This service helps to identify the SWOTS and GAPs in Technology, Infrastructure, Government Processes, Systems, Institutional Framework, Policies etc.

Through the FAIR Assessment Framework that is embedded in this Programme, we are able to analyse the needs and readiness levels of Agencies in terms of people, processes, systems and technologies. Our FAIR Assessment Framework shows in clear terms the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps etc and how Agencies can use these indicators to close existing gaps,cover identified weaknesses and maximise their strengths for greater opportunities and better service delivery.


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