How We Can Help Your Agency

eGovernment goes beyond technology. eGovernment involves people, culture, processes and systems. eGovernment calls for strong human, technological, infrastructural, organisational, institutional and legal frameworks.
eGovernment is about “doing the right things” and doing things right”. eGovernment Projects are complex and multidisciplinary in nature. Through our Government Process Re-engineering approach, we help your Agency transform seamlessly to the digital paradigm.
Our FAIR Assessment Methodology will help your Agency determine its eReadiness for eGovernment implementation. We help you differentiate between your Needs and Readiness Requirements.
Our Standards, Guidelines, Benchmarks and Frameworks provide you with global best practice for eGovernment programmes and projects implementation and seamless interoperability.
At NeGSt, we understand the science and philosophy of eGovernment. We will help you manage your Change, guide you as you Adapt, and stay by you as you Evolve.


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