Business Model

When eGovernment was introduced in Nigeria in 2004, a unique implementation model was designed and developed to not only fund public sector projects delivery but to also manage them with the highest degree of private sector professionalism. It was no longer business as usual as the private sector came ready to ensure high ROI, benefits to government and satisfaction to citizens.

Our business delivery is based on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model that ensures a proper blend of Private Sector Expertise and Resources and Public Sector Data for effective and efficient Service Delivery with focus on sustainability. The model has four Principal Players: Project Owner (Government Agency), Project Managers (NeGSt), Project Operator (Technical Partner) and Project Financier.

It is a local model with global appeal that has been widely acknowledged by the United Nations. This unique model allows Government Agencies to focus on their core functions while delivering citizen-centric services and remaining service-oriented.


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