Strategic Focus

A digital platform to detect vulnerability and take corrective measures


Showing unbiased, fair and honest information to eliminate inherent vulnerabilities within the system

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Rendering accurate accounts, giving proportionate rewards for good performance, sanctions for failure & support for responsible individuals and organizations who engage in innovative measures. see more...

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Sustaining a healthy balance and maintaining a steady rate and level of growth that ensures the well-being of the people within the national ecosystem see more...

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Our Guiding Principle

To mainstream transparency and accountability into the digital economy ecosystem of Nigeria for the profit of government and empowerment of the citizens


To make government services easily accessible to all citizens through a one-stop shop platform that ensures convenience, efficiency, reliability, transparency and sustainability at an affordable cost see more...


To provide tools that monitor, measure and evaluate government performance in citizen-centered offerings and such other programs that ensures the well-being of citizens see more...


Increased efficiency in public service expenditure delivery, strengthened fiscal responsibility and increased effectiveness in procurement processes over an all-in-one enterprise data driven solution package. see more...


Our methodology includes identifying the risks specific to our clientele outfit, forming an opinion about their potential impact, recommending mitigation measures, implementing the corrective processes and controls and also measuring the overall impacts. see more...

NeGSt operational deliverables


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